Since 1984 Barucca Impianti s.n.c. has designed, produced and installed exhaust systems for the woodworking industry. Experience matured over the years has given the firm an outstanding position both in Italy and abroad, with even more positive results considering that success has been enriched by an on-going presence alongside sector operators.

Even very complex problems have found suitable answers, starting with reorganisation and job site safety within the respect for current legislation.

Barucca Impianti and their collaborators will be pleased to help you choose the configuration most suited to your specific requirements.
  Design: Designing starts from an analysis of the client's requirements, followed by an accurate execution by our technical staff capable of identifying avant-garde solutions, using the most modern CAD systems for developing them.  
  Production: Production is done upon commission and carried out by sector managers in order to provide the client the final solutions to the most specific requests. Research, components used and technical staff, all guarantee the maximum quality level and exceptional reliability. All production phases are subjected to an internal quality system so that everything can be checked and verified to obtain the maximum correspondence to requirements.

All systems conform to provisions of law that transpose the directive Machines 89/392 EEC and successive amendments, complete with user's manual and EC mark.
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